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One of my absolute favourite places to do a horse photoshoot is at Ashlack in Cumbria. That is where I took these photos of the very beautiful Pandora. Next time I will have to give her a bit of a groom first! Still experimenting with styles but loved the way the light looked on her.

Capturing a horses personality is what I aim to do Pandora is a very chilled out mare with a soft kind eye, she does have a cheeky side and recently tried to roll with a novice rider on board. Wish I could have been there for that!

Inca the Apaloosa Cross

Such an awesome partnership, this is Charlie and her apaloosa cross Inca having a fantastic time over some DIY jumps at Ashlack, Cumbria.

I had previously tried to take 'burst shots' when photographing horses jumping but found it very hit and miss with what positions they would actually capture over the actual jump. So this time I tried just counting the stride and had a much better success rate! What you don't see is the 2 Frenchies who are following their mum around and trying their absolute best to keep up! 

Righty The OTTB

Another incredible partnership, this is Charlotte and her OTTB Right you are ' Righty'.

What Charlotte has done with Righty is simply incredible, now competing at dressage and an absolute joy to watch, there is complete trust between the pair, and watching them is like watching them dance as one.

They are amazing to photograph and I very much look forward to photographing these two in the future and trying to capture their unique relationship

Jess and Ryan 

Such absolute bravery, had a really fun time photographing this horse and rider over the cross country fences, Jess seemed to have a near constant grin on her face! Ryan did get a little excitable at times but Jess rode him brilliantly. Can't wait to take more in the future

Charlie and Ruby

I think when I was Charlies age I was barely jumping cross poles, even now I'd barely be brave enough to go over what Charlie made look easy! Ruby is such a lovely little mare seemed to genuinely look after him. Really inspiring taking photos of this horse and rider doing cross country

Jess and Charlie the Jockeys!

Absolutely loved taking these photos of Jess and Charlie on the gallops capturing the complete joy on their faces is the best possible thing about photography. 

Very much hope I can get many more photos like this of others having this amount of fun on their horses!