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Based in Milnthorpe, Cumbria

Pet photographer, specialising in dog and horse photography covering Lancashire, Cumbria and South Lakes

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Dog Photography

I love the expression 'Dogs are the best types of people' and very much believe it to be true. They are kind hearted, trust us and love us unconditionally, are there for us through everything, and are always happy to see us.


I have always grown up with dogs and now have my own 'Eva' a Hungarian Vizsla who features a lot in everything I do as she is such a huge part of my life.

She is as much a family member to me as my human relations. When I come home she is always so excited to see me, it is impossible not to smile. 

Nessie (Wire Hair Fox Terrier)

Dog photography is never boring especially with Nessie the wire hair fox terrier as a model.

When she is not telling everyone who is boss (most definitely her!) she is running around, chasing squirrels, playing tug or sleeping on the clean laundry, she is actually very cute and loves to pose!

Eva (Hungarian Vizsla)

Eva if my dog, she is a Hungarian Vizsla and my everything, she is part of the family, who I look forward to coming home to after a tough day, she never fails to make me smile.

I just adore everything about her expressions, she looks look wise and regal - then proceeds to stalk and point at a garden ornament in the shape of a rabbit! 

Part of my love for her has been why I have wanted to share my photography with others so I can help customers capture the expressions and personalities of their loved ones, the way I get to with Eva every day.

Jack (Lurcher)

Jack is an incredibly handsome Lurcher who I love getting photos of especially as he is such good pals with my my Eva and they love to play chase in the fields! It is amazing how quickly they go from pup to full grown dog, seems like yesterday I was having fun getting puppy pictures

Flo (Springer Spaniel)

Flo the sweetest and most sensitive spaniel, she is so very pretty and gentle, loves to play with a ball and is very very lucky to spend most her days out and about with her two humans who have an outdoor adventure company in the Lake District. I very much look forward to getting many more photos of her in the future. 

Maddie (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)

Maddie is an incredibly cute Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. We were unable to let her off the lead so this was great practice to get nice natural looking shots. She just looks so sweet in the purple flowers