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Based in Galgate Lancashire

Pet photographer, specialising in dog and horse photography covering Lancashire, Cumbria and South Lakes

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My Story

I have always had a fascination with photography and love of how a camera can capture a moment in time and hold onto it forever. There is something wonderful about looking back through old photos and which take us back to that day like it was yesterday, that is what I aim to capture with each photo - a moment in time.

With social media it is now far easier to keep track of those memories and I want to help with that by being behind the lens capturing the moment so that you can just enjoy being in it.

Along with my love of photography I am also very much an animal lover, and attended Hartpury College to do my BHS stages with the idea of becoming a horse riding instructor, whilst I didn't end up going down that route I have found the knowledge learnt there incredibly helpful in my journey as a photographer.  


I then started to think about what setting up a pet photography business would actually entail, as I researched it more and more I found I didn't actually like the standard business models currently in use. It would be quite a lot of money to ask of a client for them then to have to pay more on top for prints or digital copies. 

I wanted to make it so that it would be a far more reasonable price and when done all digital copies could be included for the use on social media etc.