Lakes Riding Club

Following a fabulous day with Lakes Riding Club (thank you for making me feel so welcome!)- I am hoping there will be many more! 

You can now find the galleries for the day below.

One gallery for before 1100 and one for after. I thought this was the simplest way to break it up a bit as it was a very busy day!

I hope you like the images, all are available to purchase directly from the site, I do also offer a bespoke framing service if there is one you really love, just get in touch.

Photo Editing

Whilst all the images have been edited - I want to make sure the horse and rider photos taken do you justice!  I also offer 'tidy up' service, for £7 per picture tidied (the picture will still need to be purchased after this), if you would like spectators/cars/kites removed.Below is a little before and after example

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