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Ashlack Photoshoot Summer 2021

Really looking forward to the photoshoots with everyone from Ashlack, I am trialling a new booking system just for this event, very much hoping it will work! 

To keep everything nice and simple you have all chosen either in hand or just your horse which makes planning everything hopefully simpler,

There are a few dates I have chosen where I will be doing Ashlack shoots as follows;

2nd June (this will be after 5 and 3 slots available) 

11th June

19th June 

If you can't find a suitable slot please get in touch, also if you are more local to Ashlack I can happily pop up one (hopefully sunny) evening x

Any questions at all please feel free to either drop me a message or give me a call on 07543356820

Look forward to seeing you all soon 

Oh one other thing, once the shoots have been fully completed the images, will be found here for you to pick your favourite (by commenting on them) and I will get the prints all ordered together :)


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