Puppy Photoshoot Guide

Getting a puppy is such an exciting time and with everything that happened with the various lockdowns in 2020 and 2021, it seems many of you have taken the plunge into dog ownership. I am jealous!! Puppies are simply the cutest, although a good friend of mine once told me they have to be otherwise we wouldn't put up with the mischief (This is a polite version of what she actually said!).

It seems like such a long time ago when, after researching many breeds, I finally decided a Vizsla was the right breed and then the joy that followed at actually picking up the little Eva 8 whole years ago. I remember clearly a few sleepless nights, chewed shoes, oh and the time she wasn't allowed on the sofa (the sofa is now her sofa - not sure how that happened). 

We will each have our own little story about how our life was turned upside down (for the better) by our new 4 legged best friend. Whilst I have always been incredibly trigger happy behind a camera I neither had the equipment or skill to photograph to the standard I do today, however looking back to Eva being so tiny was one of the main reasons I have since turned to photography as far more than just a hobby and have made it a mission to refine my skills, so your puppys get the photoshoots they deserve! 

Puppy Eva

Puppy Eva

Meeting Eva for the first time. It was love at 1st nibble on my hair!

Your Puppy! 

First off let me tell you one very important thing.....

You are doing far better than you think! 

I will often see a puppy and the owner will apologise for them being naughty sometimes before the shoot has even started. 

They are not being naughty, they are learning and growing up and that is perfectly ok and normal, so just relax :)

One of the most important aspects of my photoshoot is that they must be fun. Fun for you, and fun for your pup, for puppies there are a few locations that I like to use as they fit some very specific criteria which help us to all have a fun and relaxed time. These include;

*Fully enclosed

*Livestock free

*Generally quiet areas where we can avoid other walkers

*Good views (love a good background!) 


Yogi the Springer Spaniel puppy



Yogi the Springer Spaniel puppy having a fun photoshoot in the snow

What to actually expect on the day of the shoot

On the day itself I will usually be there ready for you, with my camera all set up so when you arrive, my focus can be completely on you and your puppy.

My voice, which through most of my life I have hated, as it is a little on the high pitched side dogs and puppies especially seem to love! So the first few minutes will essentially be puppy cuddles and playtime, with my camera around my neck, using treats too to reinforce that I am a fun person to be around (if you are happy with treats being used, I completely respect different training methods), (It's a tough job being a puppy photographer! but someone has to do it!!) This allows the puppy to get used to me and my camera and helps to create awesome shots of the puppy looking straight at you through the picture. 

We will then go for a little wander, depending on the age of your puppy will depend on how far we go as I understand how important it is for them to not do too much at a young age. They can have a play and a run, I will often get the 'portrait shots during the split second that they pause as generally at this age it is a little much to expect them to understand sit and stay!

Bruno the Chow Chow puppy



Bruno the Chow Chow puppy on his first photo shoot acting like a pro!

Puppy Shoot Pictures! 

Who doesn't love pictures of puppies! 


My dog hasn't done much off lead work and I am worried they won't come back

This is totally natural, it can be quite scary letting them off for the first time. In this instance we have a few options, one is I have a 10m lead that I bring with me so that we can allow them the sense of freedom without actually letting them go entirely. 

We can spend a little time playing what I fondly refer to as 'puppy tennis' which was a great game I played with Eva and her best friend Abel when they were growing up at the same time and both incredibly high-energy pups. It involves two people being a little distance apart and calling the puppy in a very excited manner with a whole lot of praise each time. As long as you are the most exciting thing the puppy will generally come to you (yes sometimes I will look like a complete wally - but it works!)

For puppy photoshoots, I can also bring Eva along, she is very used to me shooting and can be quite a good influence on puppies, they seem to all like her and she will tell them off in 'dog language' if required, which is generally quite a good thing for them to learn with a non-aggressive older dog

I don't want to let my dog off the lead yet, can you still get good pictures

I completely understand the concerns of letting your puppy off the lead, as such, I bring with me a 10m lead which allows them to have a good play and run whilst remaining safely attached, which I can then edit out post-processing.

Can I be in / can I not be in the photos

I am more than happy to include you in the picture with your puppy as, after all, your journey together is what it is all about. I will however do this in a very candid manner. At no point will you hear me say "ok now look at the camera and say cheeeese!!" 

If you don't want to be in them that is also perfectly ok, even if they remain on the lead, it is something I am more than happy to accommodate for, to achieve this I will take a photo of a setting with nothing in it, then I can place the puppy in it on their own. Please bear in mind with this set up you will receive approx 15 fully edited images per hour shooting.

What do I need to bring to my puppies photoshoot? 

Once the shoot is booked I will send out an e-mail detailing what is needed, but generally speaking, nothing out of the ordinary... Treats, collar and lead, poo bags, and favourite toy are pretty much it.

How do I book?

Just get in touch through my contact form, call me on 07543356820 or e-mail on info@thepopupphotographer.co.uk

When the photographer gets papped! I had no idea this video was being taken but I kind love it! this was Bruno's 1st shoot and what a little star he was! He had also spend very little time off lead up until this point, we did the whole thing off lead and he behaved impeccably!

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